The importance of clothing matching

Clothing without jewelry is incomplete, and jewelry without clothing matching is monotonous. Both are indispensable. Therefore, jewelry design and fashion design are the same.

Jewelry design needs to be based on the various characteristics and properties of gemstones to determine the final form of the style, it is the so-called gem also has temperament, different gem color, luster, shape, size, price have their own characteristics, in order to set off the gem and the clothing matching with it naturally must match. Just as a person’s make-up determines a part of her temperament, the lack of this part will be particularly abrupt, if you randomly match the exquisite jewelry in casual clothing, not only jewelry will fall in price, but also the overall sense of the individual is particularly discordant. So, to be beautiful, we need a whole set.

The evolution process of clothing is very long, clothing has been accompanied by the development of human society, from the shame of the primitive society to the present clothing matching aesthetics, from simple to complex, just like people’s life has been in the movement, non-stop learning, enrich their own learning experience, skillfully and flexibly use their own skills to solve the problems when necessary To the difficulties and setbacks, just like clothing fashion in different periods, there may be different periods of trend, there may be repeated, the past trend is not necessarily completely out of date, perhaps with time, there will be her side of the world.

When a star attends an event, there is no lack of collocation for the bride. Even the bridesmaid and the best man are indispensable. Jewelry industry needs to match fashion design to make it appear in the eyes of the public. Jewelry placed alone is not flexible and does not reflect its practicality. Just like a set of clothes on a drawing, it is never better than the upper body feeling of wearing on a model.

There are all kinds of jewelry, which are not rigidly defined. There are crowns, hair ornaments, headwear, earrings, etc. on the head, there are necklaces, pendants, and even I think shoulder pads can be used as a kind of clothing collocation, or a kind of jewelry collocation. Jewelry that can be placed around the body is a kind of collocation.

Post time: Oct-22-2020